Grading Services

We are pleased to offer grading services both in store & for online customers through SGC! Please read through the entire post, as it should answer most questions about how grading through us works!

SGC Card Grading:

  • SGC Regular - $20.00 Per Card (5 card minimum order)

-Please keep in mind cards graded by SGC are subject to upcharges at their discretion, should the value exceed the declared value. Please keep in mind we would not know of any upcharges until after the card is graded, but the cost would be due before we can return the card to you after being graded!


Minimum Sized Grading Order: We have a 5 card minimum order to submit cards to SGC. If you submit cards for review, at least 5 must go. Please keep in mind that if you submit 5 for review and we reject 3, you would either need to submit more to meet the minimum order total or submit the 2 only and pay for the price of 5. Please keep this in mind ahead of submitting cards. 

Reviews: We offer a basic review service for $3.00 per card. This is where we review cards to help give customers an idea of what we think would or would not grade well. It is merely a yes/no for if we would grade it, based on what we see under magnification with high visibility light. We will use a microfiber to remove any blemishes or fingerprints we can, however, we will never use any chemicals or alter any card in any way, for ANY reason. Strictly removing dust or fingerprints off cards. If you're interested in learning WHY we do not like a SPECIFIC card, that fee is an ADDITIONAL $3.00 per card ($6.00 total). This is optional and not required on every card. For instance, if review 5 cards and pass 3, if you want to know why 1 of the cards was not passed for grading, we can tell you on just that one for the $3.00 fee. Again, both the review and in-depth reviews are OPTIONAL. These are not required services. 


Sending Cards to Grading: 

Depending on a demand for a particular week with SGC, we may be sending out more than once a week, but at minimum once per week. Just know, our goal is to get your cards to and from grading AS QUICKLY as possible!


Oversized items:

SGC: SGC we can take any item that is a standard size or a tallboy like card (1970 topps basketball for example). Anything that might be wider than 3 inches or a completely different shape, may not qualify as SGC may not have a holder. Please feel free to reach out to us to confirm beforehand, and we will gladly get you an answer on if we can grade it, or if there is an oversized charge.


Turnaround Time: 

Turnaround times are estimates. Please note, the estimates and can vary depending on demand. As mentioned, we send off orders weekly and try to get orders back in your hands as fast as possible. Like you, we want orders to come back quickly, but ultimately that is outside of our control.


Turnaround Times: At this time, we anticipate our total order turnaround time from receipt of your cards, to return shipping of your graded cards will be roughly 3-4 weeks. This allows us time for preparation, review, and sorting of completed bulk orders.  As demand changes and more cards are submitted, this can fluctuate. We will work closely with SGC to make sure we keep customers in the loop as turnaround times slow down, should that arise. 


Submitting Cards To Us:

Cards can be sent to:

CardCollector2 Grading

PO Box 608

Grove City, Ohio 43123

**This address is just for USPS. If you want to mail cards to us using FedEx or UPS, please email to make alternative arrangements!

When mailing cards in, please note the following:

  • PLEASE complete the form at the bottom of this page. It has ALL the details we need when mailing us your cards. Your name, address, email, etc. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Failure to send this form along with your package could delay your order going in on time!
  • Please avoid taping cards together or sealed shut. Time is key when we are working on orders and tape slows the process down and can lead to cards being damage when cutting cards open. Please use team bags or other resealable card bags to avoid damage to cards. We recommend putting cards in team bags with post it notes to separate orders and keep cards secured when mailing.
  • On the form (mentioned above), it is important to notate which cards are being reviewed. IF there is no notating for cards to be reviewed, we will assume they do NOT need reviewing.
  • We are not responsible for lost mail or damaged mail. We recommend using insurance on your orders when mailing cards to us, should the post office or other shipping company misplace or damage your package.

Communication Process:

We currently have 4 full-time employees SPECIFICALLY for grading. We take this very seriously, and our goal is to have great customer service.  While we want to answer as many questions as we can to help you feel in the loop about your order, please know, when major steps are completed we will reach out the same or next day. Multiple messages weekly about your order are not necessary. We have a team in place to keep you in the loop as we learn more. We check the status of every single order daily, and will reach out to you as orders complete major steps! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: What do I need to send my cards to you in?
  • A: Card savers (semi rigids) are preferred, but not required. Please keep in mind, any case you submit to us in, you will NOT get back. 
  • Q: When do I pay you?
  • A: When your cards are sent to grading, within 1-week of us receiving your cards, we will send you an invoice via email (this is why filling out the appropriate form when mailing us your cards is key!). The invoice is NET-14, which means payment is due within 14-days of us sending you that invoice. We prefer you pay it up front, but if you prefer to wait  closer to the end of 14 days, that is fine as well. The invoice will break down what you're being charged for. Please, do not go past due on the invoice. We respectfully ask your invoice is paid on time. Failure to pay your invoice in the appropriate amount of time may lead to delays in your orders being processed. We will not mail any cards back or update you on any orders if you have a past due invoice. 
  • Q: Why do you charge $3 for in-depth reviews?
  • A:  This service is optional, but IF you want to know why we declined the card, we will review any card an additional time for a $3 fee per card. Our initial review fee does not specify why every card will not grade. There is simply not enough time in the day to do this for every single card. If we have to stop our review process and indicate specifically on each card, why we do not like it for grading, that is where the charge comes in. These services are optional and are not required for you to pay for, to submit cards with us.
  • Q: Can I submit cards to you if I'm outside of the United States or International?
  • A: At this time, we are no longer accepting any international orders. With international shipping services becoming an issue with delivering cards in a timely manner, we feel it's in the best interest of our team to no longer offer orders. We will accept orders that have a US return address for the shipping at the end.
  • Q: Can I pay you to review my cards and send all cards back to me when you're finished reviewing?
  • A: No. Any card we review that we approve for grading (based on good condition) goes to grading. Any of the cards we think wouldn't grade well we will send back to you. Reviews are not a standalone service for us at the moment. Any cards you send to us that we pass for grading, that you ask to send back, you will be charged full-grading costs. Please note, the 5 card minimum order still applies. In other words ... please send us cards you are expecting to grade. 
  • Q: Can I drop off my cards in your retail store? 
  • A: Yes! We take submissions in our card shop all the time! Just stop in during normal business hours, fill out a form, and we will get everything taken care of! Just like mailing your cards in, you pay nothing up front, we will invoice you after your cards are prepared to be sent off to grading.
  • Q: Can you tell me what if my card is worth grading?
  • A: Unfortunately this is not something we can advise customers on. Our review services are meant to help you get a better idea of the cards overall condition, rather than an appraisal. If you're unsure if a card is worth grading, we recommend searching the specific card, graded, on using their sold listings prices. Compare different grades and see if it might make sense to grade the card you have that way. 
  • Q: Does SGC have a declared value like PSA does?
  • A: Yes and No. SGC has advised us for MODERN cards 2001 and newer, they will not be subject to upcharges. Extremely rare/expensive vintage cards north of $5,000 graded, could still be subject to upcharges.
  • Q: What if I want a specific grade on one of my cards, or want to set a minimum?
  • A: Minimums are always an option. You just need to tell our team that this is what you desire. We DO NOT place a minimum on any card unless advised, in writing, by the customer. Keep in mind, with the minimum, that if your item does not meet or exceed the minimum grade, it will NOT be placed in a holder and will be returned UNGRADED. Grading fee is charged regardless of outcome.
  • Q: You told me originally my card would be back in 3-4 weeks, why is it taking longer?
  • A: Wait times can fluctuate with demand. As more and more cards get sent to these companies for grading, turnaround times can fluctuate with orders. As mentioned previously, we want orders back just as fast as you, but please know the turnaround time is outside of our control.
  • Q: Will you ever crack my cards out of cases for me if I want to resubmit it for grading again?
  • A: No, this is not something we offer nor have any interest in doing. If interested in cracking a card out of an old holder or to regrade, check YouTube for a how to. This is not something we will be assisting with.
  • Q: Which company should I submit my cards to?
  • A: This is not something we can answer directly, but we recommend taking all circumstances into account. Check eBay sold listings for different prices will help. Also, keep in mind the pricing and turnaround times. Do you want to wait longer or less time, do you want to only spend a certain amount? These are all factors to keep in mind when making that decision for your cards your submitting. 
  • Q: How can I get my cards back to me once they are done being graded?
  • A: We will reach out when your order is complete with 2 options. Either pick them up in our retail store in Grove City, Ohio or we can mail them back to you. Please note, the return shipping service is completely up to you. We will package securely, but the services desired and cost will fall on you. We will ask you if you want insurance or signature. Typically on expensive orders we will ship via FedEx and smaller orders or lesser cards go through USPS. If you prefer a specific carrier, please indicate that when our team reaches out once your cards return. We will NEVER mail your cards without confirming your address with you. So please note, if you provide an address at the beginning of the process and your cards are gone for months, we will confirm that later when we have them back, prior to mailing them. We will invoice you for the shipping charge before mailing them. It is important to pay that shipping charge as soon as possible, as we will not send your cards back until the shipping charge, and any overdue invoices are paid. 


For any questions regarding grading, please email

** Click  HERE  to print the submission sheet to mail with your cards **