PSA Grading Services

We are excited to announce we are now offering submissions for PSA grading! Please read below for information regarding submitting cards through us to grade with PSA.



  • 20 day submissions ($499 declared max value): $25.00 per card
  • 45 day submissions (2017 - newer cards - max value $99 per card) - $15.00 per card
  • 45 day submissions (1972 - 2016 years - max value $99 per card) - $12.00 per card

Declared value is the value of the card ungraded.

Pokemon cards can ONLY go 20 day service level with us!

Minimum order of $75.00. This can include review fees, but know if you send in 10 cards and want them all reviewed, and only 1 is worth going, we will charge you $75 regardless. We have hired 3 employees to assist with this entire process, $75 is the minimum order we can take. 1 and 2 card orders just slow down the entire process. You can submit 1 or 2 cards, no problem, but the order will cost $75 minimum so please keep this in mind!


Turnaround Time: 

Turnaround times, listed above (20 or 45-days) are estimates. Currently, our 20 days have been getting sent to PSA and back in our hands, in about 40 business days, while 45-day orders have been taking 100+ business days. Please note, the turnaround time is not consistent and is outside of our control. Like you, we want orders to come back as quickly as possible, but that is outside of our control. If you want your cards back quicker, there are faster options available (5-day - email us for details).


Review Services:

We are offering a review service for our customers. The fee is $2 per card. We will review the card and let you know if we THINK the card would get a 9 or better, or an 8 or worse. We can get plenty of references in regards to us spending time reviewing your cards thoroughly and honestly. If you want exact reasons why your card did not grade, we can certainly provide that for an additional $3 per card ($5 per card charge). 


Submitting Cards To Us:

Cards can be sent to:

CardCollector2 Grading

PO Box 608

Grove City, Ohio 43123

**This address is just for USPS. If you want to mail cards to us using FedEx or UPS, please email to make alternative arrangements!

When mailing cards in, please note the following:

  • PLEASE complete the form at the bottom of this page. It has ALL the details we need when mailing us your cards. Your name, address, email, etc. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Failure to send this form along with your package could delay your order going in on time!
  • Please avoid taping cards together or sealed shut. Time is key when we are working on orders and tape slows the process down and can lead to cards being damage when cutting cards open. Please use team bags or other resealable card bags to avoid damage to cards. 
  • On the form (mentioned above), it is important to notate which cards are being reviewed. IF there is not notating for cards to be reviewed, we will assume they do NOT need reviewing.

Communication Process:

As mentioned above, we have hired 3 employees SPECIFICALLY for PSA. We take this very seriously, and our goal is to have great customer service.  We have a process in place that keeps you in the loop the entire step of the process. When a package is received, our receiving team will message you letting you know we started the process. If you choose to have cards reviewed, we will message you our thoughts on that. We will notify you when cards go to PSA, when cards are entered by PSA, graded, and sent back to us. We have a team to make sure you are informed throughout the ENTIRE process!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: What do I need to send my cards to you in?
  • A: Card savers (semi rigids) are preferred, but not required. We send all orders to PSA in those holders, but toploaders or magnetic holders will work. No screwdowns. Please keep in mind, any case you submit to us in, you will NOT get back. 


  • Q: When do I pay you?
  • A: When your cards are sent to PSA, within 1-week of us receiving your cards, we will send you an invoice via email (this is why filling out the appropriate form when mailing us your cards is key!). The invoice is NET-30, which means payment is due within 30-days of us sending you that invoice. We prefer you pay it up front, but if you prefer to wait  closer to the end of 30 days, that is fine as well. The invoice will break down what your being charged for.


  • Q: What does the $2 review include?
  • A: The $2 review means someone on our review team will look at the card for grading inspection. We use gloves to hold and review the card. We will look for any indents, scratches or other imperfections in the card that would prevent it from getting a higher grade. If we think it has a shot at getting a 9 or 10, we will "pass" it. Meaning we recommend grading it. If the card is likely to receive an 8 or worse, we will reject it. Meaning we would not recommend grading it. IF you want to know why we declined the card, we will review any card an additional time for a second $2 fee per card. Our initial $2 review fee does not specify why every card will not grade. There is simply not enough time in the day to do this for every single card. These services are optional and are not required for you to pay for, to submit cards with us.

For any questions regarding grading, please email

** Click  HERE  to print the submission sheet to mail with your cards **