CardCollector2 NFL Hot Packs #2

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NFL Hotpacks are back for the second time! Hot Packs #2 details are below!


Each pack will have 10 cards. Each pack is guaranteed to have AT LEAST:

  • 1 "hit" - an autograph or jersey card!
  • 1 serial numbered card
  • 3 additional rookies or inserts. 
  • 5 base cards 

No pack is guaranteed to have any of the cards pictured. Each pack will include the cards mentioned above. All packs are mixed up before stickers are added to them, so every pack purchased has a shot at any and all chase cards! Please note, not all packs can be winners with chase cards. Please keep this in mind before purchasing any hot packs. The cards pictured below are just samples and as mentioned before, none of them are guaranteed to be in any pack. 

Each pack is $24.99 free shipping. Packs are first come first serve!

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